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Jalal Mirza-Baig

Claiming compensation after an accident on a pavement

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Claiming compensation after an accident on a pavement Cuts in public budgets and an inability for planned work to be carried out during the pandemic, has meant that pavements and footpaths are often in a sad state of repair. ...

Accidents in a care home: residents and visitors

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Nearly half a million people were living in care homes in the United Kingdom in 2021, according to recent figures . Given that many of these residents will be elderly, infirm or both, and the added strain placed on care homes due to the pandemic, it is...

Dismissing an employee fairly: a refresher

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The law gives five potentially fair reasons for dismissal, including breach of a statutory duty or restriction and some other substantial reason capable of justifying dismissal. The most commonly used reasons are redundancy, capability and misconduct. Even...