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Selwan Yousif

Options if you suspect abuse of a power of attorney

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With more people in the UK now living into their 80s and 90s, an increasing number of us are choosing to make a lasting power of attorney. This is a legal document under which we appoint someone we trust to make important decisions about our finances, and...

Ecommerce refresher for retailers trading online in the UK

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Ecommerce is a fast-moving medium for retailers and, whether you have an established online presence or are just starting out, a periodic review of changes in the law and trading regulations can help ensure your business runs smoothly. ‘There...

Ten key negotiating points when taking a new commercial lease

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When a landlord and tenant try to settle the terms for a new commercial lease, each party will have clear objectives. The landlord wants a secure income stream and confidence that the property will be left in good condition at the end of the...