Criminal Injuries Compensation

Any injuries sustained as the victim of a violent crime may give you a case to claim for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. These injuries can be physical or mental and do not have to be yours; they could have been inflicted on a loved one and you were witness to the event, or obtained whilst you or your loved one were attempting to prevent a crime from taking place or detaining an offender. As long as there is proof that this crime took place, there does not need to have been a conviction for you to be able to lodge your appeal.

Meaning of ‘violent crime’

To be the victim of a violent crime the injury suffered must have occurred as a result of:

  • a physical attack;
  • being subjected to threats of violence;
  • sexual assault; 
  • arson; or (in Scotland willful fire-raising).

What is the eligibility criteria?

To make a claim you need to meet certain eligibility criteria.  For example, your injury must have been caused by a criminal act which happened in England, Scotland, Wales or another area designated by the government, such as on board a British controlled aircraft.  You must also have a close connection to Great Britain, either because you or a close relative live here or because you fall within a group of people the government has agreed to compensate, such as citizens of the European Union.

For British citizens injured abroad as a result of terrorist activity a claim under a separate compensation scheme may be possible.

How much compensation could I get?

The maximum amount of compensation that can be awarded by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for criminal injuries sustained in Great Britain is £500,000. 

Compensation may be awarded for the injury itself and also for things like loss of earnings where you have had to take time off work.  If a relative dies compensation can also be paid to cover funeral costs and to help support any dependents.

What help is available?

Drawing on many years of experience, the criminal injury lawyers at Bailey & Cogger can help to assess whether a compensation claim may be possible and, where it is, complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf and deal with any subsequent negotiations to ensure you receive the maximum payment possible for the injuries and losses you have suffered.  

Advising individuals throughout Kent and beyond

We have offices in TonbridgeMaidstoneGravesendChatham and Tenterden where we can meet you to discuss your requirements.

If the need arises, we can also offer meetings at your home or in hospital.  Meetings via skype are also possible for clients who frequently need to travel abroad. 

How much does it cost?

Most claims for compensation after a violent crime can be funded under a conditional fee agreement which means there will usually be no legal fees to pay unless your claim is successful.

For clients not eligible for conditional fee funding we can offer flexible payment terms to help you budget for the payment of legal fees.  We can also offer an initial appointment to discuss your requirements at a fixed cost of £180 inclusive of VAT. 

Who is best placed to help me make a claim?

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