Conveyancing Solicitors in Tonbridge

Conveyancing need not be as stressful as perceived and with the help of a good solicitor the process can be far less daunting, especially where large sums of money or first time buyers are concerned. Conveyancing covers a whole remit of property areas from the standard buying and selling, to transferral of equity, leasing, land regulations for new build property proposals and much more.

Our Conveyancing team are absolute experts in their field and will work with you to achieve your desired result as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. You will be kept up to date in real time as developments occur and will only ever be dealt with by your one appointed legal representative, so no confusion over points of contact will occur.

At Bailey & Cogger our professional team provides a systematic and comprehensive service at competitive rates for all your estate needs, including:

  • the sale or purchase of a house or flat;
  • the sale or purchase of a share in a property under a shared ownership scheme;
  • the purchase of a property under a Help to Buy or Right to Buy initiative;
  • the leasing of a flat;
  • applications to extend a lease, including via rights of leasehold enfranchisement;
  • the sale or purchase of property at auction;
  • the purchase of new build property or any type of conversion;
  • applications to register your ownership of a property with the Land Registry;
  • applications to register your rights to claim ownership of a property through adverse possession;
  • ascertaining the boundaries of your property;
  • ascertaining rights of access;
  • helping to remove redundant restrictions affecting your use and enjoyment of your property;
  • remortgaging arrangements; and
  • transfer of equity in your home.

Our civil litigation team work closely with conveyancing to aid and assist in any property dispute resolution that you may require. We have a vast range of experience representing landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers in situations ranging from neighbourhood disturbances and unfair evictions to access disagreements and noise pollution.

We also provide notarial services to help you buy and sell property abroad.

Advising individuals throughout Kent and beyond

We have offices in TonbridgeMaidstoneGravesendChatham and Tenterden where we can meet you to discuss your requirements.

We can also offer meetings at your home if needed, as well as a telephone appointment via Skype if you are abroad. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of residential conveyancing services depend on your requirements.  We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation upon request.

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