Financial Arrangements

Following the breakdown of a relationship, finances can often be one of the most difficult elements to sort out for a multitude of reasons. The most important aspects where at all possible is that both parties should be able to fund living independently from each other, child care needs are met and any jointly accrued debts be addressed. 

When it comes to legal rights, couples co-habiting without the legal bond of marriage or civil partnership are unfortunately not privy to the same as those that are married, however our experts are fully trained and up to speed with the latest legislations and can offer advice and guidance specifically tailored to your own individual situation.

Occasionally when it comes to finance, some parties can be less than co-operative when it comes to disclosing their current position with regards to assets, debts, income and expenditure, and so if necessary or solicitors can assist you through the court procedure of investigating financial circumstances.

At Bailey & Cogger, our family law team will help you look into:

  • what should happen to the family home and any further properties you or your partner own, both here and abroad;
  • how other assets or personal possessions should be split;
  • how money in the bank and investments should be shared;
  • what should happen to inherited money and income received from a trust;
  • how pensions ought to be dealt with;
  • how business interests should to be valued;
  • who should be responsible for paying any debts; and
  • the amount of maintenance that should be paid to you and your children.

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We can also offer meetings by skype for clients who have to travel extensively or who now live abroad.  In exceptional circumstances, home visits can also be arranged.

Fixed cost initial appointment / Legal aid

We offer an intial appointment to discuss your requirements at a fixed cost of £95 plus VAT. After that we can arrange flexible payment terms, including monthly billing to help you budget. 

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