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Pre-nuptial agreements can be viewed as an act of distrust towards your significant other before entering into a marriage or a civil partnership, but actually this is not the case. These agreements need never see the light of day if the relationship continues successfully and harmoniously. However, in the wake of a divorce or separation they can prove an invaluable tool to reduce stress in what will already no doubt be a highly emotionally charged situation.

The contents of these agreements can be completely tailor made to your individual unique situations. Dealing with finances is always difficult, so a pre-nuptial agreement will clearly outline what will happen to personal wealth, business wealth, property investments and so on, leaving precious time available to assess other elements of the separation.

At Bailey & Cogger we have years of experience in creating pre-nuptial agreements for a wide variety of couples with hugely differing levels of wealth and assets. We will work with you and put together a realistic and robust agreement that both parties will be satisfied with.  

Our family solicitors will ensure that:

  • you and your partner disclose the full extent of your personal wealth and financial interests;  
  • you are both happy to enter a prenuptial agreement and have good reasons for doing so;
  • you have thought about all eventualities;
  • the agreement proposed will meet your respective financial needs and those of your children; and
  • you take independent legal advice, so you are clear about the proposed terms of your financial arrangements.   

If you have already married or entered a civil partnership we can advise on a postnuptial agreement to protect your interests.

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