Following the passing away of an individual, there will usually be many areas of their life that need to be assessed and arranged moving forward, however this can only commence once a grant of probate has been allocated to the responsible party as outlined in the will of the deceased, or via the channels of intestacy should no record of a will be found.

Applying directly to the Probate Registry is in practice a simple process, however there are strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that the appropriate parties are granted the power over the probate. Any mistakes, inaccuracies, or suspected unreliability within the content of the application will incur delays in the process. Therefore it is most advantageous to seek the support of a solicitor who is an expert in the field of wills and probate to help with your application and any situations that may transpire further down the line. 

At Bailey & Cogger solicitors in Tonbridge we have a team of probate lawyers within our Private Client departments who can assist with the entire process. Working alongside you, they can:

  • advise you on whether a grant of probate is required;
  • complete and lodge the application on your behalf;
  • deal with any queries that are raised by the Probate Registry;
  • lodge a notice preventing a grant of probate being issued until any disagreements have been resolved;
  • ensure any inheritance tax is paid or deferred;
  • help administer your loved one’s estate after the grant has been made to ensure all liabilities are settled and everyone receives their inheritance; and 
  • advise on circumstances where it might be appropriate to vary the will or the rules of intestacy to make provision for other relatives or to save tax. 

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We can also offer meetings at your home, in hospital or in a care facility, and in exceptional circumstances a telephone appointment can be arranged via skype. 

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We offer a free initial 30-minute appointment to discuss your requirements.  After that we can agree funding arrangements to suit your budget. 

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