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Family relationships can often be complex and it is common that the people you are closest to are the ones you disagree with the most. When relationships break down it can be difficult to see the situation from an unbiased perspective, meaning that deciding suitable steps forward on mutually agreeable terms can be a struggle. Mediation is therefore an excellent option to explore. Using the services of a trained professional as a third party between those involved can give you a chance to explore solutions in a neutral, logical and calm fashion. Mediation can be used to address issues within all sorts of family scenarios, including childcare, housing, and financial arrangements.

Although not compulsory, in most cases you will be expected to have at least explored the option of mediation before proceeding to having your case heard in court. However, in cases involving domestic violence or abuse mediation will not be considered appropriate.

Within the Family Law team at Bailey & Cogger we are fortunate to have a highly skilled mediator. Carole Webb is renowned for helping families make financial arrangements and resolve disputes about children, whether they arise in the context of divorce or civil partnership dissolution or following the breakdown of a relationship between an unmarried couple

Carole can also carry out Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs). These are where all parties involved in a family dispute are required to come together and discuss the possibility of mediation and decide if it can be of help.  

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